At the end of anything you can always look back and find things that you could have done better as well as things that went really well.  As I look back there were several things that we did right. First off, we went!  It’s always hard to find the right time to take an extended … More Reflections

Cuba Musings

This blog post could easily be titled: Things That Make You Go Hmmm… While experiencing both the beauty and hardships of Cuba there were several things that I found interesting that don’t really fit into any of the other posts so I’ve collected them here. Shortages are a normal part of life.  It’s normal for … More Cuba Musings

Cuban Craziness

Cuba is a world unto itself.  It’s like no place else I’ve ever been, and in some respects, I hope never to encounter a place like it again.  We visited beautiful and amazing places and got a small glimpse of a vibrant culture filled with many friendly and creative people.  However, it was a challenging … More Cuban Craziness

Jungle Impressions

Brad and Andrew have both written about our trip to the jungle but I had just a few more things to add.  I was really surprised by the lack of color in the jungle, it’s mostly just a sea of green.  Most of the animals use camouflage as a survival strategy which makes them extra … More Jungle Impressions

Tears for Mindo

There have been places on our trip where I could have stayed a few more days and looked back longingly as the plane (or bus) took off, but leaving Mindo was the only time I cried when we left.  We spent a week living and working with a family in Mindo and when the patriarch … More Tears for Mindo

Sleepy Little Ancon

We spent the last week volunteering with The Nature Conservancy in Ancon, Peru.  Andrew wrote a post about that, but I wanted to say more about being in the town.  In the summer Ancon is a hoppin’ beach resort full of day trippers from Lima.  There are also quite a few second homes right on … More Sleepy Little Ancon